Everyone’s got to begin somewhere. So, here I am. :)

Hola! So I finally convinced myself to venture into blogging with the bugging desire for months now to get back to writing. I’ve always had that longing in me to put emotions and experiences into black and white and that passion to string words and create a beauty out of them. I’ve always appreciated the literary aesthetics and have always wanted to create such and proudly call it mine. However, after college, life got in the way of being consistent with this passion. Work happened. And frankly, from the moment I joined the workforce, I rarely had time to reflect on how I’ve gone as a ‘writer’. Most of the time, I only get the chance to appreciate other people’s works by reading (classics, gosh!), frequenting the bookstore, researching the whole lyrics of songs I thought I liked based on the few lines I’ve heard and understood, and reading more books (yes, you read it twice). I am on my third job now and I think this job has gained me so much more experience and free time that this dream was given a resurrection. I’ve been and still am hesitant about blogging though I’ve done it in high school because what I really envision to become is a novelist. It’s just two different dimensions for me. But then again, I got to start somewhere as I feel that I’m back to the bottom. Blogging, I hope, would propel me to that point where I’m certain I’m ready, able and confident to write more publish-worthy works again. So, yea, this is me stepping in. Xo! :*

La vida es bella!
La vida es bella!

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