25 Ticks On Your Quarter Life Crisis Checklist

You dab that moisturizer on points of your face and apply it – slowly, silently – your eyes seemingly focused on that image of your face that is reflected in the mirror. It’s not about the effectiveness of this new product you’re trying that’s causing this blank stare though. In fact, your mind has gone haywire again with anxiety-provoking thoughts that have you unconsciously breathe deeply. That’s all you could do as you perform (for the nth time this year) a mental assessment of how you’re faring as a twenty-something adult in this fast and crazy world.

  • Have you gotten your dream job?
  • Have you tried pursuing (at least ) your dream job?
  • Have you opened a savings account in your name that really is for “saving”?
  • Do you consider yourself independent? Responsible? In all aspects?
  • Are you pleased with your current job? Does it give you fulfillment?
  • Have you pursued your passion/s?
  • Are you passionate about your partner and your relationship?
  • Have you found friends for keeps?
  • Do you have your own place? Your own little sanctuary?
  • Can you keep a pet? Like for a lifetime?
  • Are you confident with your skin?
  • Would you say you’ve taken good care of yourself? Are you in good shape?
  • Have you seen one of your dream destinations?
  • Have you experienced air travel? Sea travel?
  • Have you learned that language you’ve been wanting to be fluent in for ages?
  • Have you made your parents proud? Have you made yourself proud?
  • Have you invested on improving your skills/talents?
  • Have you gone on what you’d consider your most thrilling adventure yet?
  • Do you like what you see in the mirror? Is she beautiful?
  • Have you finished that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table for years?
  • Have you outgrown your teenage shitty habits?
  • Have you done half (or been half) of what you’ve resolved to be your New Year’s resolution/s?
  • Have you stood up to your bullies?
  • Have you forgiven those who hurt you?
  • Are you happy with the person you’ve become?

Then you head to your bed. You tuck yourself in along with all these questions. Along with all the feelings invoked in every question. It’s gonna be another long night. #


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