How Social Media Plus A Bit of Envy is Good For Your Health

Both you and I have certainly read articles or posts that discuss on and on and on on how “the new age” or the “social media world” is not a good environment especially for youngsters. I am even certain that you and your friends may have at one time thrown at each other the good and the bad of living in a world where practically everyone (including your pet dog) is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not one to patronize these social media sites and put its founders and developers in pedestals. I would just like to put into writing how being present in social media is a good thing. And that yeah, a tad of envy is actually a good thing.

I am naturally an ambitious woman and I find myself motivated and inspired even by the slightest or most random of things, people and events I come across with. While others would feel sorry for themselves for not having that new camera their friend posted on Facebook or for not having those eyegasmic photos of beaches and nature (#wanderlust) on their IG feed, what I would feel is excitement. There’s this strength and energy I feel in my heart that would have me declare, “I’ll buy myself a camera!” and “I’ll be  there too!”. While browsing, I would momentarily feel envy in the sense that my mind would tell me, “How lucky of her to be there and enjoy the place.” but trust me that that is a passing slightly ill feeling. I don’t even think ‘ill’ is the right word for it as it blossoms into something so beautiful. It quickly develops into passion, into vigor, into enthusiasm, into spirit, into power — that I believe and I know that I can do it too. And I am so much amazed of how things I see on social media trigger and drive so much will and determination in me. I am astounded by how I am moved with the photos I see, the videos I watch, the lines of songs I read and hear.

Besides being an avenue for socialization and information dissemination, social media to me is a big pool of inspiration and opportunities. When you dive into this pool, remind yourself to bring your virtual floatie. Don’t get drowned in the images and news you see. Swim through it. Enjoy. Move gracefully through the waters. It is after all a pool that showcases the beauty of life!

If it weren’t for these sites, do you honestly think you would even see and know about:

  • Your acquaintance passing the Board Exam
  • Your family friend  finally getting the job of her dreams
  • Your classmate in college now being called ‘Doctor’
  • Your NBSB high school classmate finally saying ‘yes’ to someone
  • Taylor Swift’s success with Apple Music
  • Toni Gonzaga’s heartwarming love story
  • Your childhood playmate opening her own restaurant
  • Neri Naig’s and Heart Evangelista’s painting prowess (isn’t it inspiring that they’re great actresses at the same time?)
  • Maggie Wilson’s hot bod (and she’s a mom!)
  • The beauty of the Eiffel Tower from the camera lens of someone you know (not just in random Internet uploads)
  • Anne Curtis’ #ANNEsemble
  • Inspiring (and funny) stories of Ellen’s guests
  • Your small-town-girl cousin’s first time to ride a plane

Now isn’t that list inspiring, motivating and empowering enough to you?

Be inspired! And don’t forget to go chase it out in the real world too. In the real world is where we live in after all. Spread the love! Be an inspiration to another follower out there. You’ll never really know who’s watching. Be an inspiration of the beauty of life! #

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