July 11 09:06 AM thoughts

There are moments when I wanna see the world with my family, with the love of my life, with friends..
And there are moments I just wanna be alone with the world..

to feel and listen to its heartbeat,

to listen intently to the message I’ve missed or have heard but forgotten along the way in life’s chaos,

to have a heart-to-heart talk on what this life is about or what the struggles are for,

to know my purpose,

to be reminded of my truth,

to renew my vow to Him who has made me when I was sent down from the skies,

to ascertain my actions,

to reconnect with my soul that I know has sometimes lost touch with my earthly body during the hard times that shook me,

to stabilize my standpoint on things that have bothered and continue to bother me,

to step on soil with my bare feet and feel I am part of this beauty,

to clear my head of what is essential and what are those that only seem to be,

to touch a petal with the littlest of my fingertips if only to find out that fragile is beautiful – that hardcore isn’t always the best way out,

to close my eyes and feel the warmth of the sun in my face or the passing of the moon,

to lay in the grass on my naked back,

to believe again in the idea of shooting stars,

to make out faces of those dear to me in the constellations up above,

to reminisce the madness and to reminisce the light,

to breathe freedom and feel my golden wings budding from my back,

to consider eternity a romantic fiction,

to have the biggest gulps of air through and within my lungs and to have them out,

to lean into a tree and find support but owing no one,

to see shadows and not feel afraid,

to learn how to be more human without the complexities brought about by no one but humanity,

to release my thoughts out into the universe without being judged,

to plan a future differing it from a fairy tale but still believing in magic and crowns and happily ever afters. #


  1. GOOD MORNING!!! 🙂 continue to inspire young adults like me with your words,thoughts and views about life,love,family,dreams,goals..everything!!! thankyou! hav a great day ahead!!!


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