The Things You See When You Go See The World

Go ahead and type ‘travel quotes’ in your Google search bar. Click ‘Search’. From “The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” by Sir Richard Burton to “I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” by Mary Anne Radmachen, your travel bone will surely be tickled. And for sure, your imagination and wonder of what is out there will certainly be enticed.

However, let me share with you my POV as to what a traveler really sees when he or she goes out to see the world.

1. You see that we have a very powerful God. I’ve seen many wonders of nature from the Underground River of Puerto Princesa, Palawan in the Philippines to The Twelve Apostles of Melbourne, Australia and the vivid thought I have in mind besides these creations being very picturesque is that truly we have an amazing guy up there because only someone divine and majestic could create such magical views. Being in these kind of places humble me and remind me to be grateful of what a beautiful life this is and how lucky I am to be given the chance to see and explore it. Needless to say, my faith goes up a notch everytime.

2. You see that no matter how educated and experienced you think you are, there is still so much you don’t know about life and about the world. Culture is a very intricate and a very beautiful thing. And while English is the universal language, being fluent in it isn’t enough to say you are armed overseas. You really have to immerse yourself to earn a great deal about the people, the language, the norms, etc. for you to fully understand and “know” a country.

3. You see that, truly, man is the highest form of being created by God. The Banawe Rice Terraces in the Philippines and The Great Wall of China are just two of the many amazing wonders by man; from human sweat and blood, that is. You are reminded of how great and immense capability and opportunity are given to our kind in this life. You are reminded and renewed with the truth that anything is possible. It is in your DNA.

4. You see that no matter the country, love is a language understood by all. Those grateful and shy glances I receive from the eyes of the homeless in Quezon City or those in Sydney bring me the same feelings – compassion and gratitude. Also, the silent prayer that I almost always immediately make doesn’t differ no matter the skin color of that fellow I just came in contact with. The long kisses and tight embraces that I see at airports don’t have a need for words. My heart just knows for certain that even if those are made for goodbyes, they also relay the “I already miss you” message.

5. You see that you are blessed. And that you ought to not have any other feeling besides gratefulness. The grand opportunity to go see and explore the world has been bestowed upon you and no other material gift will compare to the lives you’ve touched, the strangers you met, the lessons you learned and the memories you earned.

6. You see that ironically, money isn’t everything. You’ve seen those with money and those who practically don’t have anything spared for food the next day from different parts of the globe and still you are firm with this thought. You’ve always known that love will make the world a better place but you’ve never been more convinced to this idea until you’ve seen the world with a new pair of eyes from being out of your home country.

7. You see that you are more resourceful, smarter, braver, more independent and more responsible than you give yourself credit for. The greatest encounter you will ever have (besides that with God) when you get out of the comforts of your home is that with yourself. You learn so much traits of yourself that you never knew existed. The good and the bad in foreign lands will test your strengths and weaknesses that it will make you realize that going out to see the world is also a path into yourself.

8. You see that there’s so much you have taken for granted. Even in the streets, there will be so many random moments of strangers that you will see that will make you nostalgic for your own moments. That young lady grocery shopping with her mom, that old couple queuing for the train with a bouquet of roses in the old lady’s arms, that little girl who tightly wraps her little fingers on her dad’s stubby ones as they make their way across the street…these moments remind you of those that maybe you’ve failed to take and make you resolve to take them the next time.

9. You see that home, really, is where the heart is. While the unfamiliarity of everything that you see, feel, smell, taste and do excite and overwhelm your senses in a good way, the longing of home and things normal and familiar will also be in the air. While you compare the good there is in the foreign country you’re in to what your home country is missing, still the feeling of being in a place where practically everyone is an acquaintance, every bite of food is a trip down to memory lane and where you’re certain you can run to anyone for help is a feeling you will carry.

10. You see that the world really is your oyster. Yes, the world is such a huge planet to be in but you also learned that so are the possibilities out there. There’s so much that can happen and now you’re not talking on a ‘home country level’ of possibilities but worldwide. It’s a bigger picture. It’s a bigger canvas. It’s a whole new set of paints and colors. You’re seeing a whole new world and a whole new things to do and explore. You are motivated and inspired by what you see outside that you want to work on improving what’s inside you. You see that the whole universe will conspire to get you at your dreams. You believe that. You just know. #

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