Why, This is Me

I would be honest. There were a lot of times I asked myself why and how could I be so boring. After all, I couldn’t really call myself the “typical” 24-year old. But even before I turned 24, I wouldn’t really say that I blended with the rest in terms of what most ladies my age would enjoy or like doing.

For every circle of friends I had and have from college up to the three jobs I had after I would always be branded as the “lola” (grandmother). And that’s saying something because these people don’t know each other so there’s no way they could have just talked to each other and agreed to poke fun at me by calling me that. It’s saying the obvious. I could really well be the boring one. I’ve always been the girl who’d rather stay home in her PJs all day than get dressed and go out to have fun with friends. I’d rather be warm and comfy in bed with a book in hand and a lot more on the table than attend spontaneous gatherings. I’d rather have my own jamming locked up in my room with The Script on full blast in my eardrums. I’d rather be alone with my thoughts, talk to myself and write when I’m feeling poetic or so full of words than to pour these out in person. Well, don’t get me wrong. I agree that I may be an introvert but I have friends too. I go out and get some sun too. It’s just that more often than not, I enjoy my solitude. I enjoy my peace. I value my privacy. And I don’t feel alone. In fact, this is how I destress. Alone time is my therapy.

There have been times that I wanted to fit in and gave being the social butterfly a try. That is because when I see some friends out and doing things, I see they’re having fun. I want to have that kind of fun too. So I tried. But it’s not just really me. It’s totally forcing something that I am clearly not. And why do I or anyone have to change that when I am comfortable with me? And looking back, I am proud of myself because it only means that while some have difficulty finding out who they really are, I am sure I’ve known myself (that part of myself, at least) almost a couple of years less a decade ago. You see, while so many people struggle and wonder what the key to happiness is, there’s more who fail to recognize that being your own person is the best way to feel good about yourself. It always begins with one’s self. Do things that make you happy. Do it for yourself. Have and do your own version of fun. So while my friends enjoy themselves and each other’s company over beers and some snacks at 11:46 PM, I am here with my pen and notebook with Alex Goot keeping me company in the background. Trust me, this is my kind of fun. And I tell you this, have fun being you! #


  1. Hello ALY. U know what I can really relate to what u have enumerated below. I’m also the introvert type, new people and the crowd really scares me. But it doesn’t make me feel less any better with myself infact I feel good about it. Reading ur post makes me think that I am never really alone. Thanks. Would love to read more of ur posts. Keep it up!


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