Generation Y and Proud

Recently, from a vacation in my country, I bought a copy of one of the most established magazines that women my age purchase or subscribe to. Hence, I came across a section that talks about millennials.

I scoured the Net for what is out there about millennials, looking to find an inspiration about what to write about (after months of not being active in my page). There, I saw the con adjectives that seem to come in a string right after the word.

While I admit that some, if not most, of those are true, I also couldn’t help but come to the defense of my generation (and hope that this not add more oxygen to their fire). I, after all, belong in this narcissistic, entitled and egotistic group of people. And again, while we may be these badly publicized individuals, I believe that just like any young generation twenty or forty or sixty years ago, we are misunderstood in so many respects.

1. We weigh things and the we make OUR decisions. (hard-headed)

We are real life young adults and adults but we are still seen and heard as kids. We listen to feedback and advice but not every advice is good advice and I’m sure this applies not only to millennials but to everyone in every stage of life. We hear you but not taking your suggestion does not mean that we don’t heed your thoughts nor that we are hardheaded. We are simply using our own heads (pretty much the same way you use it).

2. We can multitask. (short attention span/unfocused/no interest)

Breezing through different to-do’s and jobs isn’t a joke but we manage. We like to explore. After all, times now have changed that there’s so much in store thus so many to choose from. We like to bask in the variety simply because it’s there. It’s available. It’s an option. It’s a luxury our generation is afforded with so why not grab it? Anyone from any generation would do the same if given the chance, I’m certain. Everyone likes variety. Relax.

3. We take care of ourselves (and our loved ones). #YOLO (materialistic)

It’s a material world, honey! And it’s not like every millennial you know just flushes their cash down the loo. Many others spend on bigger and  long-term investments that the haters fail to see or avoid to recognize. Treating ourselves once in a while isn’t a sin and again, even older people do it. Let me say the second sentence again but this way, it’s not like every ‘old’ person you know is a role model for saving and preparing for the future. Maybe it’s just so much more magnified with us millennials because of social media. But wait, just because we post it makes us materialistic? See next.

4. Just because we have an amazing IG feed??? Seriously? (pretentious)

People like nice things and in a way, social media has improved our creative input as a generation. This is our avenue. And so it is for older generation. Using emojis, more flowery words and checking-in more often than older people doesn’t equate to being pretentious. Not in anyone’s dictionary.

5. We adapt and we do fast. Isn’t that the ultimate trait of humans? Adaptability? (fad follower)

People judged KathNiel fans who went over the top fangirling over Daniel. They were automatically perceived as the generation who would go for anything that’s ‘in’. And then came the AlDub phenomena which got so many followers from the millennials. While they go all out in support for this new adored love team, the same people find another reason to judge these millennials that yea, there they go again, following another fad. But hold on a sec, are my eyes playing tricks on me or are my aunts and so-much-older cousins posting declarations of love for Alden on my Facebook news feed?

6. We speak our minds. (wild/disrespectful)

‘Everyone is entitled to his own opinion’ is a saying as old as time. And nothing changed. This still holds true. I think and am sure that every generation (including my parents and grandparents) have heard their parents tell them they’re being disrespectful only because they’re saying their piece which I’m sure they’re entitled to. And here, we are not talking about the HOW. We’re not talking about the manner in which we say things. Millennials are being judged simply because they talk. And what’s wrong with that? We have a say, don’t we?

7. We’re on our phones most of the time but that doesn’t mean we don’t get work done. (lazy)

This by far is one of the craziest things I’ve heard about millennials. While it’s true that we spend a lot of time on social media, do we really need to remind the world (for the nth time) even with the millions of smartphones seen all over the world that times have changed? Now, one can make money online. And if that’s not what that millennial next to you is doing in her iPad, then maybe you can cut her some slack and consider that maybe, just maybe, she’s on her phone on her ‘break time’? Yes, being overly present in the social media world than the real world is a problem I do recognize but I think it’s an even greater problem of society the way we judge and generalize just because you see a twenty-something lass making a Snapchat video in the corner but not get bothered with that forty-something colleague who doesn’t miss a day  sending you game requests on Facebook while on duty.

8. We know what we can bring to the table. (egotistic)

Let’s face it, while there are so many bad things to point out about millennials, there are also a long list of things we are good (if not better) at. And we know it. That’s not pride over there but confidence. We know what we can share. We know that what we contribute completes the cake, if not the frosting to it!

9. We know who we are and we’re not having it from anyone. (narcissistic)

Identity and quarter life crisis may be present in some millennials but we have a good grip to who we are as individuals. And this is why I for one am aware of the bad vibes surrounding those like me who are born in this Generation Y but am not deterred in continuing to be who I am. Simply put, I know I’m awesome and will pursue my dreams and passions in this brightly-colored life and generation. Again, that’s not narcissism all because I professed my self-love in this blog on behalf of all the millennials. That is self-love that’s given the chance to be broadcast all over the world because we now have social media and because (again) times have changed. I thank you. :p

10. We know what we want and we go get it. (entitled)

This is my favorite as in a way, I agree that we really are entitled. But not in the context of the haters. We, millennials, feel entitled because of all the points above but mainly due to points number 5, 6, 8 and 9. This generation is filled to the brim with power because they know precisely their abilities. They demand it from the universe because they’re willing to give the same to it. Their ambitions and their being vocal about it may make observers raise a brow but that is the kind of energy that makes them distinct from other generations. There is so much power and vigor in their dreams, aspirations and goals for the future that makes them burst to words. The words just fuel the motion. The thing is, we don’t stop there. We go get it. #

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