The Ten Things I Promise Myself This 2016

I don’t think I ever was the type of person who made resolutions for each new year. I am the kind that writes goals, plans, reminders and grocery lists but NY resolutions weren’t really my thing. For this year though, I have made a list of the things I promise myself I would and would not be this year and since I haven’t been so active on my site in the past months, I thought about sharing my list as my first entry this year. So here goes:

  1. Be more grateful. Last year has been stressful mainly because of work and I am guilty of having allowed it get into my nerves so much that my attitude even outside work has been altered in a way or another. For one, I have become pessimistic, which is really so not me. How I have focused so much thought and energy on the downs at work have blocked the many other things in my life that I should be grateful for. I have let myself be so absorbed in it that there were so many times that I have not thanked the Lord that I have a job and one that gets me to travel and provide for myself and family. I have failed to see my work as a blessing that has taken me so far from where I was in my life the past year. Hence, this year I promise myself to bounce back and have my eyes set on the colorful aspects of my life. While I am aware that there will still be so many times that I will get disappointed about work and other parts of life, I resolve to count my blessings and will count them with a grateful heart.
  2. Spend less time on social media especially when I’m with my loved ones. Given the nature of my job and a lot of alone times (which I do enjoy), I can’t help but always be active on social media sites when I’m not flying. Like, you would know I’m on day off when you check on Messenger and see that I have been active for only a few minutes ago. I accept it as a part of my living overseas. I run to social media for news and entertainment. What I find unacceptable though (and I would admit it here first) is when I catch myself aching for Facebook and Instagram when I’m already with the people who matter. It’s a disgusting picture to look at when I’m browsing my Facebook feed and only be half listening to what my mother is saying or be less attentive to my nephew showing off his dancing only because I can’t put my phone down because of Instagram. This is a habit that I agree would be very difficult to give up but I know has to be done.
  3. Write more. I have always been passionate about writing but there were so many times I would put off a ‘moment to write’ just because I was so lazy to get up and turn my laptop on or be too much of a bum that I couldn’t even get my phone out to write a note about a great idea that came up. There were so many times I had the latter and I silently curse myself for all those brilliant concepts for my next article or future book that are now gone all because I was “too lazy” or I thought I could remember it when I get to actually be writing another article. Inspiration comes in different forms and they will never come by twice. I have proven that. So this is me saying hello to this year and to more vibrant and genius works of my pen because this year I won’t let any scene from my creative mind slip by without being written down. This year will be my writing year.
  4. Reconnect with Him more often. I promise to say my thanks more often than I already do and be more assured of His power in my life. It’s that simple.
  5. Stop the Manana habit. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like waiting and would do things done as soon as I can. Well, that is for most of the things in my life like doing the laundry, accomplishing a form for work, writing an important email and so on. But other (and more important) things like saving, renewing my professional license, fixing my insurance, learning how to drive and the like, I always put off. Like writing, I always postpone beginning until the next thing I know, a good number of months have gone by – a good number of months wasted. I should know how to drive by now. See?
  6. Be healthier. I wouldn’t pretend again by telling myself I will go to the gym (which is just four floors below my place) thrice a week. I have a much simpler plan. I will try to have healthier food choices, work out when I have the time and aim to not have the problem of opting to wear dresses only because none of my pants fit anymore. I may just start by purchasing that purple yoga mat I saw last week.
  7. Have a filter for my pessimistic words, thoughts and energy. This year, I vow to be the kind of person I wouldn’t cringe talking to. Positive people have always looked radiant and wonderful to me. I promise to be one of them. I would make sure that whatever I say and or do will not be utter negativity. Instead, I would live to inspire which is one of my many life goals, by the way. I would be more encouraging and uplifting and I would carry an atmosphere like that wherever I go.
  8. Be less of a know-it-all. I am not so conscious about it when this character of mine rolls but I am aware it happens and most often than not, it is after that I have the realization. I don’t know. This is just me. But I will put in effort to be less of it and be more of a person that lets people talk, actually listens and consider that they may be right and I may be wrong.
  9. Be kinder and be more active about this kindness. It’s not enough to be wanting to help when I see sad stories and videos of real life people online. Wanting to help is futile. The verb here should be the word ‘help’ itself. It’s very similar to what we see we or our friends do online. We share these heartbreaking stories about people with unfortunate cases in life but when we ask ourselves and look for an honest answer if have we really helped the person and we know deep down that the answers are ‘no’ and/or ‘not really’, then something must be done. If you too have this same promise to yourself, you may want to start looking at this link for starters, UNICEF Help for Children, and be of real help to another living being in this world. I swear, knowing you’re helping and being useful to God’s plan for the world is more than enough satisfaction.
  10. Cherish my relationships. Show the people I love that I love them. I came across this magazine article wherein one celebrity housewife said that her husband’s love language is service. I was inspired. And I can’t help but think that really, shouldn’t service all be our love language? The little things that we can do like making your partner a cup of tea in the morning or downloading Carpenters songs into your mother’s iPad as she never gets the hang of technology or doing the laundry for your sister who just doesn’t have the time as she’s drowned in exams or picking up your six-year-old niece at school after her class or driving your brother to the airport for his business travel. They all count and matter. This year (and the many more years to come),  the people I love will know I love them and they will know how much. #


  1. I found your blog because of this post and as someone who grew up without a father figure, I really, really, really love this. Thanks so much for writing this, this articulates a lot of my feelings about growing up in a single-parent household. ❤


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