Three Words

How does one know when she’s found true love?

You see, love, like life and death is an entity that has become complicated in its simplicity. How does the heart know for sure? What beauty it is that occurs to the spirit on that second the heart finally wins over the mind!

Love is a very powerful element. It is felt beyond our kind. It is a very wonderful thing to see and hear of people committing and vowing to be together forever – to be for each other in eternity. Love… Desiring a lifetime and simply being unable to fathom a life without that person who was once a complete stranger. It is amazing and magical how God puts two people together – two people treading completely different lives – two people who suddenly realize they aren’t alone in the road and that this time they can take things slow (and definitely enjoy the steps) as finally there is another who can lend a shoulder, a hand and bestow you his heart. Finally, your shadow doesn’t scare you anymore. The universe becomes twice its hues. It is vibrant; refreshing even. Finally, the path feels safer even if and when it gets dark. Finally, there’s an echo of your chest’s lub-dub. Finally, the sighs and the hunching of the shoulders are shared. Amazingly, the laughter seems to be coming from your soul and has never felt this wonderful.

And you wonder, how is it possible in this world of hunger and poverty and racism to find security in fingers linked, in shoulders brushing, on a chin in the forehead, on a whisper on your ear, on arms in your waist, on nose to nose, on pupil to pupil, on lips to lips?

How can three words suddenly make this world a better place? #

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