On Starting Over

Why is it that starting over is such a scary thing to do for most of us? Everyone wants change and a better state for ourselves yet when we are cornered into finally having to do that one thing that is gonna cross the line, we chicken out. We take a step back. For others, they run a mile back, as if that’s gonna bring them the change they want and as if that’s gonna do them better.
It’s easy to be lured in the moment when you imagine of better pictures of your life. It’s easy and sweet to be making dreams for progress and self-improvement. But like many other things in life, it is the part where action is needed that is lacking.
I have been flying for two years now (I will be having my 2nd flyaversary next month!) and on my second year of flying, I have either thought about 1) joining other airlines, 2) enrolling in international studies, 3) pursuing my dream of becoming an author, or 4) going back to nursing. Everything I’ve wanted was change. However, no matter how long my list is, the closest thing I’ve done to accomplish them was to 1) apply, 2) check school websites, 3) do research and 4) pass the IELTS.
I have done some things to get me closer to where I really want to be but I know in my heart I haven’t done enough. I have reasons and I am clear on the points that are stopping me and why they are important.
I have friends who would tell me they want a new job, a new environment, a new partner, a new routine. But then, I don’t know much who have really crossed the line. Like me, I see that they cower when the opportunity presents itself.
As much as change is alluring, tempting and sounds grand, most of us even if most wouldn’t agree that it is one of the most intimidating things to happen in life. That is because no matter how much adventurous, bold and daring we would like ourselves to be and believe, familiar ground will always feel safer. And safe is always comforting.
So, how are we ever going to get out of the box we unconsciously put ourselves into when in it we are trapped by reasons, by fear (real and made-up), by standards, by society?
How did the more successful people do it?
Will you ever have the guts to take the leap? #


  1. And the reasons are too strong, you would want to forget there’s a much bigger world outside the box. Haaayy. I love this post, mare! 🙂


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