Positivity: the quality or state of being positive

There are so many and different things in a person’s life that he or she may regard as a blessing or a misfortune. A blessing for some may be a misfortune to others, and vice versa.

Being in the aviation industry for my third year now, I have come across a variety of people, languages and personalities. I fully understand that one’s perception of things is heavily shaped by one’s experiences and those experiences are largely attributed to one’s life in his or her home country. But then I argue with myself for isn’t dreaming universal? Isn’t accomplishing universal? Isn’t living? Gratitude?

I still find it weird how many of my colleagues find it very easy and quick to open up about their frustrations in life. That isn’t bad in itself but then I wonder, why aren’t the victories (even the little ones) more talked about and celebrated? What I hear most of the time are the bad rosters, the days off they didn’t get, what shitty situation they are in, just how much they don’t want to be here, and it goes on and on. And I wonder, “Didn’t you at one point wanted to be here?” Wasn’t this your dream? Wasn’t it your choice to come here?

I’m definitely not the 100% silver linings kind of girl. But I try. And I too have gone some tough times in my life that had me complain. And remembering how badly I complained then embarrasses me now. I would like to believe I’m past that. I’m lucky I’m past that because really, it is a very unhealthy frame of mind. I really believe that what you think, you attract. Yup, I’ve read Byrnes, Sharma and Sanchez. I admire and respect them especially that I’ve seen that what they say is true. In ways more than a thousand, positivity will get you through life. Positivity will have you live life – a great one.

Now don’t misunderstand me by thinking that I may be one of the cabin crew who have always dreamt of becoming one that now that I finally am here and living the big-name #crewlife just can’t stop talking about it and worshipping the job. NO. Definitely not. I have mentioned in my previous posts that I am not one of those girls. I am a registered nurse and while writing has always been with me since I was so much younger, nursing is still the career I would love to pursue and grow in. I would love to be in the hospital. I would love to wear scrubs again. I would love the adrenaline of seeing patients rush in and out of the emergency room again. I would love to be in action with BP apparatuses and syringes and charts again. I would give heaps to come back to my profession. But I am here. I am flying off to different destinations so fast I couldn’t even remember where I just arrived from the day before (honestly). I serve tea and coffee. I work in a very confined space where I have to make do of what I have in that aircraft whatever out-of-the-world requests and/or questions a passenger may have. However, I have learned to do my best to just stop complaining. It’s not going to do me any good. After all, I applied for this job. I went to the interview and did the medicals. I prayed hard I would get it and I did. I did. So what is there to complain about, really? And there isn’t a perfect job. Even when I get the chance to go back to nursing, I am so certain there would still be things that would make me unhappy. There would still be situations that would test me and maybe even question why I ever went back to nursing in the first place. You see, there’s no place and position in the world that is shockproof. Something and/or someone would one day piss you off and that is one (if not the only) thing common to all the thousands of jobs in this world.

I know a lot of people would kill to get this job. And that’s one of the many facts about it that keeps me grateful. I’m not going to stop dreaming. My other dreams are still here with me and while I’m working to achieve them, I would report to work with a content heart and a smile on my face because really, life is a matter of perspective and my choice is to make the most of it while I am here. #


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