13 Tips to Better Your Relationship with Yourself

One of the most important, if not the most important, relationships you keep in this life is the one you have with yourself. Day in and out, we spend our time working, meeting deadlines, beating the traffic, showing up to meetings, replying to messages from family and friends, attending our significant others’ life events and so much more. We hustle and we bustle. It is a round the clock event we could well be guinea pigs in our exercise wheels.

There’s so much going on in our lives that most of us are just stuck trying to keep up. As a result, most of us tend to neglect the most convenient and the easiest person to ditch – you.

Below are some ways to show yourself some tender loving care because you gotta be sane and yes, you deserve it!

1. Read. My friends have heard me give this as a tip (unsolicited most of the time)so many times and that is because I have proven reading to be very therapeutic. Read books from authors that interest you. Read what you’d like to learn more of. Read endless Nicholas Sparks if that’s your thing. Read what you enjoy. Reading nowadays has become a piece of cake. You can just download books online. There are so many free stories out there! If you’re interested in love stories, I have recently been reading works of Colleen Hoover. If you like reading stuff that inspire and entertain at the same time, check out the many books of Bro. Bo Sanchez. If you like fairy tales, look up Chris Colfer (you may know him as Kurt from Glee). Point is, read what you like. This isn’t school where you have to be bored to death with the readings you’re assigned to do. Reading opens your mind to the many realities out there and just like watching your favorite TV shows, it is nice to find characters you can relate to. Just add an upside and that is that you get to picture all the characters and the setting (everything!) in your head. You are your director.

2. Cut yourself some slack! Stop being so harsh on yourself. Forgive. Forget. No one deserves your forgiveness more than you. Let go of your mistakes. Accept your weaknesses because hello, you’re a human being. Just like everyone else.

3. Pamper thyself. Whether it is a massage you enjoy, a mani-pedi at your favorite spa, half an hour in a bubble bath or burning some incense, dimming the lights and playing some classical music. Go for it. Spend if you must especially when you know your body needs it.

4. Spend time with friends. Go out for dinner dates, coffee, some outdoor adventure or invite them over if you’d rather skip the hurdle of the preparation of going out.

5. Good vibes all day errday! Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Use self-loving affirmations especially in your mornings. Experts have been talking about the magic of positive thinking for so long now because it works. Do it and let me know how your days change.

6. Move. Engage in physical activities that get your heart pumping and make you feel alive. I am not the athletic type of person and given the choice, I would rather just lay in bed all day. That’s me. And that’s okay if that’s what you like doing as well. Moving doesn’t have to be something strenuous. Walk if you are given the opportunity rather than taking the lift. Clean your room. Declutter. It is nice to feel your heart beat faster. It is a nice reminder of being alive.

7. Shop. No explanations here. They say ‘retail therapy’ for a reason.

8. Get your sugar fix. Be it chocolate or ice cream, go for it, girl. You can forget about your VS angel obsession for now. After all, you did #6, right?

9. Buy yourself flowers. Think your room with a bundle of stargazers in your bedside table. Hasn’t it just automatically become a more calming womancave?

10. Coffee! I know a very few people in my life who don’t do coffee but if you’re like me who just absolutely loves days when I get to drink coffee on my days off because that means I’m just enjoying my iced cuppa and don’t necessarily need it to be my epinephrine shot for a whole day (or night) of work then grab your favorite Queen Elsa mug. Or is it tea for you?

11. Play music as they would in coffee shops. This I’ve done recently and boy did I love it! Add R.M. Drake (see #1) and a cuppa to the mix and you just had a cozy café afternoon in the comforts of your sofa and your PJs. You’re welcome. If you want my suggestion, check the photo below. This is what I listened to days ago from Apple Music.


12. Netflix and chill. Current marathon: Gilmore Girls.

13. Mask on, duvet on. Another immediate post-flight therapy of mine. I love the idea of letting my face soak all the vitamins and minerals from masks (Korean, mostly) and I love doing it in bed when my day has finally ended. Nothing like a mini spa treat for the hardworking woman that is me (see #5 again, would ya?)!

What about you? How do you get by? Let me and others know. Help a sister wind down. #

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