Wicked in London

I’ve known Dorothy and the wonderful world of Oz – and yes, the Wizard too, since I was in school. I remember reading the book in high school but it didn’t really make a mark on me, I guess, as I don’t really feel nor remember much besides that of the Tin Man and his desire for a heart and of course, the flying house. Or maybe I should read it once more?

Nevertheless, I have read Gregory Maguire’s Wicked August of 2015 and I love the story! I love Elphaba! I find Glinda cute. I love Elphaba! I love Elphaba!


Days when I did flat lays of my books and considered it artsy. :p


For those of you who haven’t read or seen it or who have no idea who Elphaba is, she is THE Wicked. She’s called the Wicked Witch of the West. The green-skinned one. The one with a black pointy hat. And yes, the one Dorothy threw a bucket of water to in The Wizard of Oz.

I just relate to Elphaba so much (Daddy issues, maybe? Lol) that after reading the book, I’ve listened, time and again, to the Wicked playlist in Apple Music ever since, just so I could understand the story and dear Elphie more.

Now that you see how big this is to me, you would understand how much I wanted to see the musical. It’s my dream to see lots of musicals but Wicked is definitely on my top three. I was so thrilled when Wicked came to Manila February of this year. And I was even more thrilled that I was going to be in Manila for their extended shows. But things happened and I ended up not watching. And then came New York last April. I saw the Wicked posters and all in Broadway that got me even more looking forward to it than I already was but I only had a day to spend and New York is New York! There’s just so much you got to see. So again my Wicked dream was placed on hold. And then came my third visit to London! I’ve done most of the touristy spots like the Big Ben and the red telephone booths and have already fulfilled my Harry Potter fangirl dream by visiting Platform 9 3/4 (yup, it’s a real station!) on my first two visits so I had all the layover time to go see a musical. I chose Wicked. No-brainer.





First sight of the theatre (back view). Too much adrenaline pumping! No need for caffeine.


So I invited my college blockmate, Emil, and thank God he was game for it even if it was going to be his second time seeing it.


Pre-Wicked dinner.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Can I cry now?

I HAD THE BEST TIME! It was so surreal to finally hear them sing the songs I’ve listened to for years and see the characters I love. There’s a strict rule on not being allowed to take photos or videos during the show as it may distract the actors which of course I had to follow so I don’t have any colorful pictures of the performances but those that will forever be imprinted in my mind. Being me, of course, I just had to shed a tear especially when they performed ‘What Is This Feeling?’ (which was a surprise as I really thought what would do it was ‘Defying Gravity’) and had major goosebumps in ‘No One Mourns the Wicked’. All the performances were just amazing! Seriously, every pence was worth it. I enjoyed it so much I didn’t really bother if the lady on my right found me annoying singing along with the actors. It was my moment! My heart just felt  warm and huge in those entire 150 minutes. And I would do it again! #



Show is over! Best night in London so far!



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  1. I saw Wicked as a 12 year old on Broadway. Elphaba is a character I really can relate to so I was able to create such a personal bond with her over the years. I have seen the show four times and each time, my vulnerable level has increased. Elphaba is not the only character I love because I also have fallen in love with Glinda and Fiyero. There is so much to say about my journey with Wicked and why it has changed me “for good”. This musical did spark my for musicals.


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