How Time Alone Has Become My Therapy

Even as a kid, I’ve always enjoyed my me time which is why I don’t exactly wonder why in adulthood, I always look forward to my time alone. Time alone for me is my time to decompress, sit back, relax and date me.

I do what I want to do – anywhere, anytime. Any way, even. In a nutshell, that is essentially why I love my me time. I call the shots. When I’m done, I’m done. When I wanna do more, I do more. When I wanna sleep, I sleep. I don’t have anyone to bother me nor anyone to be bothered about. It’s really the time I look after my needs and my wants – no one else’s.

While I still make schedules, it isn’t followed as strictly as I would when I’m at work. At the same time, when I want to strictly follow through the items on my list (which happens to be 70% of the time), I do so. I am my own boss. I am my own timekeeper.

Dining alone has never been this reflective. I’ve also become so used to this that having someone join me for a meal has become kind of unusual.

Peace and quiet of mind = peace and quiet of the soul. I can hear myself louder and clearer. I come to decisions on my own. And I enjoy that. The clarity of the choices I make is unparalleled. No distractions. Just me and the beautiful noise inside my head. I find that talking and listening to myself is therapeutic.

I am also more productive. Some people work best in teams and while I have been that kind of person when I was younger, I have confirmed now that I work best when left to myself. I get more of my tasks done definitely because there’s just one set of instructions coming from one leader who happens to be me. I also get to spend time learning stuff I’m actually interested in. Really, I’m so done feigning interest.

I get to know myself more. Besides knowing myself as an introvert for sure, I am now positive of other traits I have. What I love and hate doing, who I want and don’t want to spend time with.. Now, when I don’t want to join friends or acquaintances asking me out to join them for dinners or coffee, it is easy for me to say no. Plain and simple.

Some people label introverts as the ‘deep’ or wallflower kind of people. I don’t exactly agree. I think introverts are those who just enjoy the company of themselves. That’s how they recharge. Just as how extroverts would normally recharge by socializing. But then again, I think everyone needs a combination of the two, maybe one part more than the other, but still.

One always needs time to refuel the mind, heart and body and as for me, I do that happily with my alone time. Because you know, what they say is true. Alone does not always mean lonely. For people like me, alone time is a break. It is therapy. #


  1. Hi Aly! It inspired being an introvert as I am. Yes, I agree that most people equates being alone to being lonely, but it isn’t really not. You have peace and you don’t have nothing to worry about the business of others as well bur yours.

    Write more and I will always be here to read your posts. 🙂


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