Being present on social media

Hi, everyone!

As I’ve said in my latest IG story, I’m trying to go back to writing/blogging. I’ve done some “research” and apparently, to be on top of the game, you have to have strong social media presence. Really, it’s not all about what you write anymore. You have to be visible if you wanna make it. I’ve resisted this since I started blogging because I truly don’t want to share so much about my personal life. I hate feeling exposed. I’ve resisted this even at the time that my WordPress stats were booming and the notifications for comments, reblogs, shares and private messages were endless. This I resisted even when at the time I knew how a big following can further hoist me up the blogging or writing scene. A part of me believed that it’s 99% the content and the meager 1% is social media. But three years later, I have seen how social media is actually everything now for those who want their art seen, their voices heard, their feelings felt, their business succeed..

My love for writing and the printed word is stronger than my reservations. Hence, I’ve decided to create an Instagram account for my blog and be more active on its Facebook account. I have not totally caved in to the idea of being all out on social media by making my personal accounts public but this is a start. With my blog being on social media, I hope to be more “present” in the digital world and for my work to be really “out there”.

So, if it isn’t too much to ask and if you like my work, please follow @alyseestheworld on Instagram and  like Alyseestheworld on Facebook. Thank you and have a good day!

PS: Real blogs soon. 😉 x

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