The Ten Commandments of Adulthood

1. Do not compare. We have all been guilty of this. It has become a natural thing for all of us to do with the ease brought on by social media for the latest happenings in another person’s life be readily accessible. We all have our own timelines. We all have our own stories. Our own ups and downs. No one is made the same. Don’t compare the hardships you’ve gone through to the “ups” that you see in another person’s. You don’t know their story. You don’t see the whole picture. Remember that what is both good and bad in social media is that we only see what the user wants us to see. So don’t focus on a fragment of a person’s life. Focus on your own and live it.

2. What doesn’t kill you ultimately makes you stronger. Remember that. That heartbreak, that job you didn’t get, that friendship you lost. They’ve served their purpose in the story of your life and you’re a much better person for it. Also believe that you are a strong woman. Your strength isn’t only based on the successes you’ve had but more so on the failures you’ve weathered and stood.

3. There are no hard and fast rules to go through adulthood. Live your own truth. Live your own principles.

4. Live your dream. Go after your passion because you only live once and everyday that you let slip is a day that you could have done something you love doing. You only get to have this loaded dose of physical energy and enthusiasm while you’re in this age, let’s be honest. This is the time to live your best life.

5. Let your circle be a circle of support, love, real friendship, honesty and motivation. Let your circle be a pool of strength where you can draw from and give to.

6. Live according to your means. A real adult knows that savoring the present does not equate to neglect or complete disregard for the future.

7. Make an effort to always choose kindness. We have more than enough adults who have gone to the dark side. It’s time to make the composition balanced.

8. Say what you mean and mean what you say. There’s nothing more adult-like than being able to speak your mind and holding your ground. Never let anyone pressure you into saying yes or saying no to something when it’s contrary to how you really feel. Follow your gut feel. Voice out your opinions gracefully. And stand by what you believe is right.

9. Take care of yourself. How you do self-care now is very much reflective of how you will flourish into the many and longer phases of adulthood. Eat healthy, sleep, exercise. You’ll be happier. You’ll live longer. Accept that you are not invincible.

10. Know that it will sometimes be an unjust world. No matter how good a person you try to be and no matter how much you treat others the way you’d like to be treated, there will still be tough circumstances. Accept the fact that it won’t be easy but also rest in the reality that the world can’t put a good woman down. Life will sometimes be difficult but it definitely isn’t impossible to enjoy a beautiful life. #

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