I have years and years worth of heartbreak and anguish (pain is just too light a word) over how health care professionals, particularly nurses, have been and are being treated in the Philippines. I have left the profession and the country years ago because honestly, the system (if you would even dare call it that) in place was just problematic and depressing. I swear just trying to deal with it will make you cry and pull your hair out. I gave up. It was too much because there was too little to nothing for nurses. Little to no respect. Little to no pay. Little to no benefits. Little to nothing to bring home to their families after an 8-12 hour (“volunteer”) shift. Little to no pride, really.

This has been the reality for so many nurses who chose to stay in the country. And now with the COVID19 pandemic, with health care professionals on the frontline, including nurses, who are very ill-equipped and ill-treated; add that to another present reality where the same nurses are being called to volunteer as more and more of the country’s existing frontliners are being exposed to the virus and being quarantined and some, if not all, are not even getting tested at all while these politicians and their families get to be tested and retested with their results being expedited. Wow!!!! How disposable are Filipino nurses to the Philippines, really?!!!! How is the health care team really viewed in this crisis??? Who, for the love of God (!!!!!!!), is looking out for these frontliners???

This is so so so painful to me and I didn’t know I cared and hurt so much for my colleagues until this point. These nurses who chose to still be in the profession despite and in spite of and serve in the country, along with other health care professionals, deserve so much more. They deserve so much more even before this pandemic. So imagine how much we owe them now!!! #MassTestingForFrontliners #MassTestingForFrontlinersNOW #MassTestingNowPH

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