April 2020 Favorites

I have always enjoyed watching Youtubers’ monthly favorites videos. I think it satisfies the little girl in me that likes to see and have pretty stuff. It also makes me know of what’s currently in and of course let’s be honest – what I have to get my hands on real soon. 😉

But even years before Youtube became a daily thing in our lives, there was a magazine in the Philippines called Candy. I grew up collecting their monthly issues and one of my favorite things to do with it (besides dreaming of becoming a member of the Candy Council of Cool) was to check what are the current faves of certain featured local and Hollywood celebrities from books to cologne to lip balm to blush to their go-to fashion brands. It gave me so much happiness then. Even when I was studying high school in the province, I would make sure to check stores in my town for these celebs’ faves. Oh how I remember those times and those moments that made me wish I was in the big city to have all those brands available.

Back in January of this year, I have wanted to start a monthly favorites post. However, so many things have happened that eventually led me to postpone it to the following month. The same thing happened to the month after that. And now, here we have April. A few days over a month into this quarantine period and the same idea has been rekindled in my head. And since I now have all the time in the world as my wings are temporarily on rest, I guess now is the best time to actually do it.

This post is not meant to glorify materialism. I am fully aware of all the urgent needs and the deficiencies in different parts of the world because of this pandemic. I would simply want to share some of the things that, in a way, have kept me sane and have put a smile on my face during these difficult times and that maybe, you too might find the same in one or more of them.

  1. Scribd app

I have subscribed to this app last March 18 and I have a free subscription until April 19. They offer a month-long free membership to new users during this Covid19 situation. Also, they not only have ebooks but they also have audiobooks, magazines and sheet musics available. The app shows a Top Charts list so you get to have an idea which books are popular now and upon joining, you can also set your suggested titles by choosing which genre interests you. Now, I am on my fourth book and I am loving everything about it.

2. Beauty Lab’s GOAL face and body soap

This is the only soap I’ve been using for my face and body all throughout this quarantine period. I am about to finish my second bar. It is very much unlike the typical kojic soaps in the market that does the job but leaves your skin dry and sometimes flaky. This soap has been true to its claims of whitening and moisturizing so far in my experience. I also love that kojic acid is only one among its many ingredients. There are other healthy ingredients incorporated like papaya, shea butter and coconut oil. I have also shared my loot to my mother, aunt, mother-in-law and sister-in-law because the product works.

3. Sunniesface Airblush (Doll) and BLK Cosmetics Face Stack (Pool Party)

The Sunniesface Airblush in Doll has been my favorite since last year. It’s my go-to blush for a fuss-free heading-out look. Just last month, I purchased BLK’s version of an Airblush in their Face Stack line. Coral has always been my color for blush, hence, I got the Pool Party shade. Now, I alternate between these two for when I’m getting ready to go out for my supermarket run.

4. The Ordinary Niacinamide serum

I bought this 30 ml bottle when I was in New Zealand last month. While I was 50-50 with the brand based on my bad experience with their Vitamin C suspension and a good experience with their Caffeine solution, I purchased this Niacinamide serum after a close friend has sworn on its wonders. Even on my first use, it already showed me results that my skin was loving it. It is meant for skin blemishes but I feel that it works so well with the moisturizer I am currently using in making my skin looking and feeling plump. This product is going to stay in my skincare holy grail for now.

5. Down Dog Yoga App

Just like Scribd, Down Dog has made their apps free until May 1 because of the current outbreak. I am loving the Down Dog Yoga app specifically because it has made yoga simple and easy to use. The app allows you to choose what type of yoga, which level you’re comfortable with, which body area is your focus for the session, how long you’ve got for the session, desired pace, music of your choice and trainer voice (also, of your choice!). I have tried doing yoga years ago with some of my friends. We were coached by an Indian yogi then but I swear it’s nowhere near how good I’m feeling after every practice using this app. I have used the beginner practices and they are amazing. Yoga is a very fluid exercise and I still need a lot of work but I always feel great after every session. If you’re like me who is not really a fan of HIIT workouts, then you might enjoy this app as much as I do.

  1. The Sims

I have been playing The Sims since college when Klapaucius and Motherlode were the secrets to millions of Simoleons and gazillion-worth of mansions. The game is still the best there is for me. I enjoy being able to dress up my Sims, design my own house, earn a living, pay my household’s bills, have a boyfriend, get promoted, develop my hobbies, get married and have babies! In short, you get to control your life.. err, your Sims’ lives. 🙂 Back in Doha, the first game I bought for myself in my husband’s Playstation is of course, The Sims. Now in the Philippines indefinitely because of the COVID19 travel restrictions, I still have to play the game. I created another family and below are some screenshots of my home.

7. Scrabble

Nothing like a classic board game to bring the family closer. This is what we have been playing in the house the past days. While I have always been a fan of word games and this one right here brings some good memories of high school, we made the stakes of playing it even higher by making the loser pay for a round of milk tea. My hubs has paid for six orders of milk tea as of the moment.;)

(None of the brands mentioned have sponsored this blog. ;))


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