A new mom’s first Mother’s Day

Motherhood is tougher than I expected but so much more fulfilling than I ever imagined.

I always tell my fellow new mommies to brace themselves for the sleepless nights and days. But I also do not forget to tell them that this is the most fulfilled I have ever felt. Most exhausted, yes. But I’ve realized – in my short and running stint as a mom – how truly impactful a mother’s role is. I’ve always had mad love and respect for mothers especially because I was raised by a very strong single mother but having experienced it myself is a whole new journey of appreciation and awe of the women that run the world.

The Csection scar, the stretchmarks, the endless changes in my body shape, size and color, the breastfeeding frustrations and disappointment, the sleepless nights and the days spent in a daze, the back spasms and sore arms, the full bladder, the gobbled down meals, the rushed showers, the morning breaths that sometimes last till noon, the forgotten skincare routine, the neglected workouts, the days that look-all-the-same-you-can’t-figure-out-what-day-it-is-anymore, the phone photo album that holds a thousand photos of one tiny human, the dirty nappies, the poop and pee stains, the spit-up showers, the high-pitched screaming and crying in your ears, the autopilot rocking moves and dances, the struggle to put a fussy baby to sleep, the sharp-eyed checking to see if she is still breathing when she is finally asleep, the holding of your breath, sneeze and cough to keep the baby from waking up, the creeping, quiet and constant worry if your baby is fine, the insatiable want to do more and be more and give more.. gosh, the list goes on. And imagine, I’m just new at this. My journey is cut out.

All of these are worth it when my baby falls asleep in my chest, when she longs for mommy to calm down, when she quiets down when I pick her up, when she seems to enjoy my singing and dancing, when she nestles her head onto the crook of my neck, when I shower her little face with big kisses, when I smell the unexplainable goodness of her breath, when I play with her chunky thighs, when I embrace her and she seems to find comfort, when she grabs my finger, when she coos at me, when I make her laugh, when she smiles at me out of the blue..

This Mother’s Day is my first as a mommy and when I greet the mothers in my life a “Happy Mother’s Day!” this year, I really mean it to the deepest of my bone. May your day be filled with so much hugs and kisses and may you always be happy and healthy. You are superheroes. Your sacrifice, strength and selflessness are celebrated today. There will never be a better mama for your baby than you. So know that you are doing a great job and there’s no one more beautiful in your child’s eyes than you.

To my village of strong and fearless mothers, you are rockstars. You do run the world. Happy Mother’s Day! 🤍

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  1. Finally got a notification from you. Haven’t read a post of you for a while, now I know the reason why. Congratulations on being a mom, and belated happy mother’s day❤️

    -reader since a long time ago😊

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