About Aly


Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy. July 2017


Welcome! I am Aly, the pen behind alyseestheworld.com. I like to write my thoughts about life, beauty and books among others. I would like my blog to be an avenue for inspiration, sharing things enjoyable and anything that would simply make someone appreciate and enjoy life more.


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  1. I cried with your write-up about being an OFW thing. My mom shared the link on facebook, and I started sobbing (mind you, here in the office haha!). I am 23 and currently assigned here in Kuala Lumpur. Numbers 5,6, 9 and 10 made me cry! LOL. Nice blog! keep on writing gorgeous! :))


  2. Hello there! Your blog really touched my heart. I’m also working abroad and I have experienced all the things that you’ve shared… Choosing to work out of your own country is really a tough decision… That’s why I really can relate.. Keep on writing dear.. I’m looking forward to read some more of your blog.. Always be happy 😊


  3. Now, this is legitimate blogging. It’s been awhile since I read content that’s just simple and pure, not trying to be persuasive and too big on words. I can read a real person’s thoughts on your posts and I sincerely love it. Continue write and inspire.


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