About Aly


My name is Aly. I am the pen behind alyseestheworld.com. I started this blog in 2015 at the beginning of my flying career. I’ve always loved reading and writing but Thought Catalog has inspired me to create my own site for my own writings. From then and now, so many things have changed but also (and surprisingly), a lot of them have remained the same. I am now a married woman who is turning 30 this year. I am still in the aviation industry and I am currently in my second airline. My heart still goes back and forth about returning to being a nurse. My greatest pleasures are still a cup of iced coffee and a great book. I’m still in love with the idea of becoming a published author. Within those five years, I have been in and out when it came to my writing. This blog is still up simply because I have decided to buy my domain name five years ago. Along those years, I have created Facebook and Instagram accounts solely for my blog, thought of compiling my posts and self-publishing a book, running a totally different course and style of writing, bringing my thoughts to more popular social media channels (and quickly deciding against it) and shutting the whole blog down altogether. I guess, like many things in life, writing is a journey you go through. There are ups and downs and a whole range of varying seasons. But again, just like in life, you keep treading until you make it. 🙂