A new mom’s first Mother’s Day

Motherhood is tougher than I expected but so much more fulfilling than I ever imagined. I always tell my fellow new mommies to brace themselves for the sleepless nights and days. But I also do not forget to tell them that this is the most fulfilled I have ever felt. Most exhausted, yes. But I’veContinue reading “A new mom’s first Mother’s Day”

On Prejudice and Discrimination

Growing up, I have seen and felt oppression and injustice. It’s safe to say that I have also experienced it myself because of my racial background, my social standing and people’s judgment of my family dynamics. I have Tingguian blood. I am an IP. I was raised in a town where almost everyone I knowContinue reading “On Prejudice and Discrimination”

Aly’s Top Book Picks (May 2020)

Besides writing, reading has been one of my passions. I remember always getting excited when it was time for us to buy our school supplies from Vigan. That meant we would visit National Bookstore which also meant that I could browse the seemingly endless choices then. While most teens my age did not exactly findContinue reading “Aly’s Top Book Picks (May 2020)”

A Cabin Crew’s Perspective: The Things I Miss About Flying

It’s been a long while now that my wings have been on hibernation. Like many individuals during this pandemic, my job and the industry it belongs to has been affected. Honestly, even at the beginning of this viral spread and even having flown to China and other affected European countries myself during that period, IContinue reading “A Cabin Crew’s Perspective: The Things I Miss About Flying”

April 2020 Favorites

I have always enjoyed watching Youtubers’ monthly favorites videos. I think it satisfies the little girl in me that likes to see and have pretty stuff. It also makes me know of what’s currently in and of course let’s be honest – what I have to get my hands on real soon. 😉 But evenContinue reading “April 2020 Favorites”


I have years and years worth of heartbreak and anguish (pain is just too light a word) over how health care professionals, particularly nurses, have been and are being treated in the Philippines. I have left the profession and the country years ago because honestly, the system (if you would even dare call it that)Continue reading “#MassTestingForPHFrontlinersNOW”

Eight Things You Should Be Ready For Before You Move Overseas and Become a Flight Attendant

1. Homesickness. Being a flight attendant, part of your job perks is that you get to go home basically anytime you want. ‘Anytime’ being relative; relative to your days off or annual leave, relative to your prior duty, relative to your next duty. So yes, while it is so much easier for us flight attendantsContinue reading “Eight Things You Should Be Ready For Before You Move Overseas and Become a Flight Attendant”

The Ten Commandments of Adulthood

1. Do not compare. We have all been guilty of this. It has become a natural thing for all of us to do with the ease brought on by social media for the latest happenings in another person’s life be readily accessible. We all have our own timelines. We all have our own stories. Our own upsContinue reading “The Ten Commandments of Adulthood”

How My Twenties Groomed Me To Be “A Strong, Independent Woman”

I love my twenties. I don’t think I could put it any other way. I think they are the best years of my life, not just my adult life, to be honest. Oh, the vigor and the strength and the silliness and tears of growing up and taking on the line “I am a strong, independent woman” toContinue reading “How My Twenties Groomed Me To Be “A Strong, Independent Woman””

Being present on social media

Hi, everyone! As I’ve said in my latest IG story, I’m trying to go back to writing/blogging. I’ve done some “research” and apparently, to be on top of the game, you have to have strong social media presence. Really, it’s not all about what you write anymore. You have to be visible if you wannaContinue reading “Being present on social media”